Stakeholder Feedback/Comments

Last Updated: 2/1/2023 3:28 PM

Pelham City Schools ask that you review FY23 federal programs documents and provide input or feedback via the Stakeholder Comment Form.  To review documents, click on the links below:


LEA Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Spanish Family Engagement Plan - FY2023


PES Compact Kind 2022-2023

PES Compact 1st Grd 2022-2023

PES Compact 2nd Grd 2022-2023

PES Compact 3rd Grd  2022-2023

PES Compact 4th Grd 2022-2023

PES Compact 5th Grd 2022-2023

PCMS Compact - 6th Grd  2022-2023

PCMS Compact - 7th Grd  2022-2023

PCMS Compact - 8th Grd  2022-2023

PHS Compact 2022-2023


PCS CNA and District Improvement Plan

To Provide Feedback Please Click Here