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Remind App Information

Stay up-to-date with assignments in your child's class by signing up for each teacher's Remind account.  Remind (formerly Remind101) is a communication app that helps school communities connect quickly and efficiently.  Students and parents must opt-in to a specific teacher account by using the information provided by the individual teacher.

For more information about how to sign up, click here.

Remind Codes by Teacher

PCS Parent Involvement

PES Teachers


Cindy McLendon--Code @cmclendo

Teresa Lawson--Code @tlawson55

Ada Barrett--Code @abarrett64

Courtney Mackey--Code @cmackey90


Burton--Code @pesburton

Dallas--Code @msdallaski

Snellgrove-- Code @mrssnellgr

Henry--Code @mrhenrysb

1st Grade

Rauls--Code @rauls2

La. Silas--Code @6297eg

A. Meadows--Code@pes111

K. Frosteg--Code @frostegk

2nd Grade

C.May--Code @c3c4e2

A.Hall-Cooper--Code @bekg24

K.Slaughter--Code @ga7b4c

J.Groenveld--Code @jgroene

C.Jackson--Code @a39b93

K.Harden--Code @ec978k

3rd Grade

Carden--Code @tcarden

Coker--Code @fh48342

Emanuel--Code @mssema

Lewis--Code @9gcc4g

Ross--Code @ross2028

Lu Silas--Code @8dg373

4th Grade

K. Adams--Code @8aceeb

Harris--Code @4kh2eh

Hirsch--Code @mrshirschs


Singleton--Code @khh9bd


Marsh--Code @cgh8gd

PCMS Teachers

PCMS Counselor

6th Grade--D. Green

6th Grade--D. Jackson

6th Grade--S. Leverette

6th Grade--D. Martin

6th Grade--J. Randall--Code @mrjranda

6th Grade--C. Tucker--Code @tucker229

7th Grade--C. Austin

7th Grade--S. Bailey--Code @e8gf2f

7th Grade--S. Gardner

7th Grade--V. Meadows

7th Grade--J. Pollock

7th Grade--C. Yates

8th Grade--P. Baggett

8th Grade--B. Forrest

8th Grade--B. Forrest A/C Physical Science

8th Grade--T. Golden

8th Grade--W. Slaughter

8th Grade--H. Wood

PHS Teachers

Coordinate Algebra--N. Smith--Code @4k4a26