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Welcome to Pelham Cross Country


Cross Country is a sport where competitors run a 5k or 3.1 mile race on any surfaces such as grass, dirt, sand, etc. Cross country is not run on pavement nor cement. This sport requires a lot of hard work and dedication. These athletes must run and practice at least 6 days per week and year round. The training consists of long runs, interval training, fartlek training, running games and hill repeats. The training is intense and painful at times but well worth it.
Cross Country was re-established at Pelham High School in 2009. It began with a full boys team which is 5 or more individuals but only 3 girls which was not a complete team. The 2009 PHS boys cross country team placed 4th at the Region 1-A competition & they advance to the state competition. One of them female competitors finished 2nd individually at the region 1-A competition although we could not score as a team. Since 2009 the cross country teams have come a long way and progressed quickly.

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