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Pelham City Schools
Comprehensive Technology Plan

Effective, reliable electronic communications network based in CO run by IT Director

  • System network
  • System Backups and off site backups (as needed)
  • System and school websites with updated information and daily revisions
  • Teacher websites accessible by parents and community
  • BOE paperless communication system
  • Data access for CO from schools, RESA, GADOE
  • System email
  • Implement prioritized work order system
  • Keep CO electronic inventory of technology and equipment
  • Supervise and train IT techs – one for each school
II. Every administrator at each school has:
  • Efficient reliable electronic communication within and without the school building including TV transmission, email, software accessibility to the classroom level
  •  Extraction methods for school data and student academic performance
  • Up to date technology equipment for school and teachers
  •  A school based technology team
  • I-pads, e-books and innovative technology for all teachers
  • Training for teachers on available technology
  • Administrators have the ability to video conference with their iPads
III. School based IT techs
  • Update school websites
  • Solve school and classroom based IT issues with prioritized work order system
  • Facilitate data access and software operations for teachers
  • Maintain, repair and replace equipment
  • Serve as head of school technology team
  • Keep school based inventory of technology equipment
  • Train teachers on the use and integration of technology in classroom teaching and lesson design
 IV. Teacher access to technology aids for instruction
  • Every teacher has modern wireless laptop
  • Every class has a data projector
  • Every class has a smartboard
  • Every teacher has begun utilizing prebuilt smartboard lesson plans into their daily lectures.
  • Every class has access to computer lab or mobile wireless lab
  • Every class has access to software available to each school
  • Teachers receive regular training on the integration of technology into lesson designs and daily learning activities
  • Every teacher has personal instructional website accessible through school website
  • Teachers have access to 3D projector technology to enhance student engagement and learning
V. Community and Parents
  • Every community member and parent has access to system information, mission, vision, CO and school information
  • Every teacher has updated website for every class
  • Parent portals are operational with current student information including attendance, behavior and academic performance on a weekly basis
VI. Provide In-service training to teachers and administrators
  • Initialization program for all new employees
  • Specialized equipment (smartboards, etc) training for all teachers
  • Explore innovative technology based teaching tools and methods
  • Expand virtual class capabilities and enrollment
  • Find innovative ways to use existing technology
  • Explore grant applications for technology and teaching with technology