Parent Involvement

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My name is Cindy Smith and I am the Title 1 Parent Coordinator for the Pelham City School system. My job is to be the liaison between school and parents in our system.  

Parent involvement in their child’s education is has proven to be one of the most important factors in the success of child at school. 

One of the ways I work with parents is to provide monthly parent workshops that help increase the capacity for parents to be involved in their child’s education. 

I also work with the school staff to relate the feelings and requests of parents as well as, through staff development workshops, encourage the partnership relationship between parents and teachers/administrators. 

A monthly
newsletter is sent out at each school to help inform families of the upcoming parent involvement activities at our schools as well as informational tips and academic resources.

The Pelham City School System also maintains a Parent Involvement Resource Center, which is where my office is located.  For more information about the PIRC, just click on the link.
The PCS Title 1 Program encourages the input and involvement of parents in many ways but one specific way is through their involvement on the Parent Involvement Councils at each school.  You can also provide input on documents and programs by clicking HERE
.  Your input is appreciated. 

      We meet at least 4 times a year and review & revise school policies as well as compacts, review the summary of parent surveys to plan workshops and activities for the next year, and help assist me in complying with state and federal guidelines. All parents, grandparents, guardians or community members are invited and welcome to be a part of these councils.

     If I can be of any further assistance to you I am in the Resource Center when it is open or can be contacted by phone at:  (229) 294-8170 ext. 214
or (229) 294-6063 (PCMS-Wed & Fri afternoons)
or (229) 221-2336 on my cell phone. 


I can also be reached via email at the following address:

Parent Involvement Plans and Compacts

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Family Engagement Plan - FY2021

Spanish Family Engagement Plan - FY2020

PES Compact Kindergarten 2020-2021

Spanish - PES Compact Kindergarten 2019-2020

PES Compact 1st Grade 2020-2021

Spanish - PES Compact 1st Grade 2019-2020

PES Compact 2nd Grade 2020-2021

Spanish - PES Compact 2nd Grade 2019-2020

PES Compact 3rd Grade  2020-2021

Spanish - PES Compact 3rd Grade 2019-2020

PES Compact 4th Grade 2020-2021

Spanish - PES Compact 4th Grade 2019-2020

PES Compact 5th Grade 2020-2021

Spanish - PES Compact 5th Grade 2019-2020


PCMS Compact - 6th Grade  2020-2021

Spanish - PCMS Compact - 6th Grade 2019-2020

PCMS Compact - 7th Grade  2020-2021

Spanish - PCMS Compact 7th Grade 2019-2020

PCMS Compact - 8th Grade  2020-2021

Spanish - PCMS Compact - 8th Grade 2019-2020


PHS Compact 2020-2021

Spanish - PHS Compact 2019-2020

PCS Parent-Student Literacy Video



Parent Academy Resources

Parent Academy #1 SY19 8/15/18--Agenda and Handouts

Parent Academy #1 SY19 8/15/18--PBIS in the Home

Parent Academy #1 SY19 8/15/18--Video

Parent Academy SY19 11/01/2019--Video


Parent Chat Resources


Parent Lunch N Learn Resources

PHS College & Career Readiness 01/16/2020

Photo Gallery of Meeting

Title I Annual Meetings

SY19 Title I Annual Meetings Booklet


Community Resources

Service Map for Childhood Health & Education in Georgia