Last Updated: 6/17/2021 4:03 PM
Welcome to the PCMS Tennis Webpage!

The goal of our team is to learn the basic skills of the game, develop those skills, and prepare them for competition while also understanding the importance of teamwork and commitment. Mastering basic tennis techniques’ builds a solid tennis foundation and prepares them for High School competition. Let's compare this fact to a house. All houses are built on a foundation.

The foundation is the base that maintains the structure of the house. Without a foundation a house is not built. If anything alters the foundation, the structure weakens and at times fails to maintain its stability. At this point repairs are required to stabilize the foundation and strengthen the structure.

Similarly, the sport of tennis is built on a foundation of basic techniques and skills. Mastering these basic tennis techniques and skills is one of the first steps to succeeding in the sport. Without the foundation of these fundamentals, and if any of these basic tennis techniques and skills are not tuned up regularly, an athlete's game is vulnerable against a strong competitor.

To build a solid foundation, a player must practice regularly and strive to master six fundamental tennis strokes. Every point played will require one, two, or all of these strokes throughout a game, set, or match. These six fundamental tennis strokes are the essential tennis techniques and skills necessary to succeed in the game of tennis. For a description of these strokes please click here.